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Forgot to update journal after settling down. Anyway, back to regular updates hopefully.
Random info:
Currently working full time and not doing commissions.
Rare livestreams of painting process here - , some VODs mirrored to… (cause twitch deletes them after some time) but youtube channel also filled with random game videos.
Works posting mirrors:
Oh and twitter, if you are into that sort of thing :
Dailybot sketches going on 3 week hiatus.
Sorry, I wasn't good enough for nonstop run.
Occasional painting streams  - personal channel (sometimes on sundays)
Also streaming on shared channel (currently on hold) -
Rare timelapse videos (more likely from streams, too lazy to make new ones) -…
tumblr (dA mirror) -

Currently working full time and not doing commissions.
Kinda was busy with tons of things like moving and work.
Somewhat sorted most of stuff out, back to posting random scraps and studies.
Created a portfolio:
Late Xmas and soon new year. Have a great time ahead and be more productive than me. -_-
i just for weird reason in the mood to do some mecha fanart, so it'll be a little spam of it in couple of weeks ahead. No worries, other stuff will be too.
No, I'm not having tons of work stuff to do or so, that's not the issue.
On contrariety I have a lot of free time.
The thing is something called "artist block" I suppose. Only stuff I painted seems to be sucking so frigging hard... So I kept deleting it, not even saving.
Recently I understand the source of main issues with my drawing process and how to beat this stupid block.
Of course there will not be an super fast Level up in skill, but I know the path and the obstacles to be able reach it.
So only thing I can say - back to work.
P.s. I suggest you to watch this Sycra's video before wasting tons of time as me. It made a good sense.
See ya with updates as soon as I'll get them somewhat right.
Have tons of work lately, it is cause of being low on updates. Will fix it soon I hope.
new scraps ahead.
so no scraps for 2 weeks
vacation - yaaay
Videocard died on thursday. so no new scraps and speedpaints and streams till buy new one.
for now doing lots of work at office like for 11 hours. need to finish some projetcs.
Hi guys. Sadly lately I have tons work to do, and some problems with it too.
Most of weekend I'll spend on work again and on some anatomy studies. I'm very concerned with my drawing skill lately.
But still I'll do new video speedpaint this weekend, it was a while from last one.
I hope you guys doing better than me. Have a good day.
hate sickness of any type, can't work because of it.
Well sleep will cure me.
It was a freaking long time since I sketched with pencil. Man, I'M SCRUB! My irl drawing skill suffered so much! So I'll try to sketch from life as much as I can. Today is 3 sketches from life (my roomate and our guest) and one random dino-robot.
Editing old journal entry, will update next week about stream info at new place~
I totally forgot about "sketches/doodle" section of deviant for drawings.
So I'm thinking - put all sketches to there (but they won't be at general gallery then) or screw this, and go on as always?
uploaded to scrapbook 10 scans of sketches by black pen. Uploading a lot of deviants to here is pain in ass. seriosly.
i hope i'll post good art here at future... And yes, my english is bad ^^"
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